November 5, 2014

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will be broadcast Wednesday, November 26, 2014 on ABC

Get your toast, popcorn, and jellybeans ready - ABC will show A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 26, 2014, from 8-9 PM (Eastern/Pacific).

The special will air uncut together with a slightly edited version of This is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers.


PeruAlonso1 said...

Sounds like good news but there's something that bother me.

What made ABC decide to air this special and Great Pumpkin the day before the actual holiday?

Matt Burb said...

To PeruAlonso1:

Wait until ABC announces that "A Charlie Brown Christmas" will air on Tuesday, December 23, 2014.

Scott McGuire said...


When "It's the Great Pumpkin" and "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" were first shown, neither was broadcast on the holiday that they celebrate. "It's the Great Pumpkin" was first aired on October 27, 1966, and "Thanksgiving" aired on November 20, 1973 (Thanksgiving was the 22nd that year). So ABC is not breaking with tradition.

And in the years when ABC has shown them on the exact holidays, I've heard from some people who aren't happy about that, because they're busy doing other things, like trick-or-treating or visiting with family. So there's no firm precedent, and it's hard to say which choice is better for ABC to make since people have different preferences!