March 4, 2016

Two more home video versions of The Peanuts Movie on March 8

Since my previous blog post about the home video release of The Peanuts Movie - due out Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - two further options have come to light.

First, Target is offering a special version of the "limited edition gift set" (includes Blu-ray disc, DVD disc, HD digital download, and Snoopy Flying Ace plush) that features a third disc, a Target-exclusive bonus DVD with "over 25 minutes of extra content."   Target's description of that bonus material:
Meet the cast in the “The Voices of the Peanuts Movie” featurette, visit the Nickelodeon “Orange Carpet” to learn how an animated film is made with Owen Joyner from 100 Things to Do Before High School, and explains how to make cool stuff with 3 “Art of Dreaming Big” activities.
You can order this version from the website for $22.99, or you can pick it up at your local Target store on March 8. It will not be available elsewhere.

Second, The Peanuts Movie will be one of the first movies released in the new "Ultra HD Blu-ray" disc format. Ultra HD Blu-ray has four times the resolution (four times as many pixels) as current Blu-ray discs; this is commonly known as "4K." Of course, you need a new, Ultra HD Blu-ray player and a TV with 4K resolution to take advantage of this format - so probably it will appeal to a limited number of buyers. The Peanuts Movie Ultra HD Blu-ray combo pack includes the Ultra HD disc, a regular Blu-ray disc, and an HD digital download (but does not include a DVD). Presumably it includes the same bonus features as the regular Blu-ray, but no official list of features has been announced.  The list price for this version will be $39.99, and it can be ordered from and other retailers.