November 27, 2014

A classic Peanuts Christmas countdown on for 2014

It's time again to join the Peanuts gang in counting down the days until Christmas, starting Friday, November 28, on the home page. A different single-panel comic with a holiday theme will appear each day through December 25.

Like the previous two years, we've visited the archives and selected a countdown from the past in order to continue this tradition.  This time around we'll be featuring the panels from 1997 for your entertainment.

(While GoComics is also running Peanuts Christmas countdown panels, they aren't new either. In fact, they're the same panels they ran last year... and the year before that... and the year before that!  We wanted you to have something different and less recently seen.)

We hope you'll visit our home page each day and enjoy these mini-comics with us as Christmas approaches.

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