January 23, 2017

Peanuts By Schulz: Snoopy Tales DVD, featuring 32 Boomerang Peanuts shorts, released January 24

Peanuts By Schulz: Snoopy Tales, a new 2-disc DVD set containing 32 of the new Peanuts shorts that aired on the cable channel Boomerang, is now available from Warner Home Video.

The shorts were created by French animation studio Normaal Animation and first aired in France in 2014, and then aired in the United States in 2016; there are 104 in all.  Each episode is 6-7 minutes long, and is based directly on the comic strips by Charles Schulz. Drawn in a traditional 2D animation style, they are designed to be reminiscent of the printed comic page. The shorts were newly dubbed into English for the United States broadcast. They are well done and fun to watch, although perhaps best enjoyed in small doses (your kids may disagree!)

The 32 shorts included on the DVD set are as follows (note that the order of the shorts on the DVD is not the same as the Boomerang broadcast order):
Come on Snoopy!
A Day with Snoopy
My Blanket
Crazy Mutt
Good Dog
Sound & Sensibility
Train Your Dog
Going My Way
The Call of the Wild
A Pretty Picture
Beware of the Dog
Winter Wonderland
A Hard Winter
Word of Mouth
Too Cold
Christmas is Coming
Telling Stories
Man's Best Friend
Off Key
Not My Day
A Little Love
Good for Nothing
Let It Snow
Nice Doggy
Reach for the Stars
Feeling Insecure
Always Right
Even the Score
(For a complete list of all 104 broadcast episodes, and a few additional details about the shorts, visit the Peanuts Animation & Video Page.)

Peanuts By Schulz: Snoopy Tales is released on January 24, 2017, and has a suggested retail price of $18.94.

A second DVD set titled Peanuts by Schulz: Go Team Go!, featuring 19 more of the shorts, is due out April 25.