November 28, 2013

A classic Peanuts Christmas countdown on for 2013

Christmas is coming, and so is's tradition of counting down to the Big Day with the Peanuts gang. Starting Friday, November 29 and continuing every day through December 25, our home page will feature a different, seasonally themed single panel.

Alas, it appears that new panels from the syndicate are a thing of the past. As we did last year, we've dug into the archives and will present the countdown panels from 2002: another year when Thanksgiving occurred on November 28.

(Note that while GoComics is also running Peanuts countdown panels, they aren't new either. In fact, they're exactly the same panels they ran last year. And the year before that. We thought you might enjoy a little variety and something less recently seen!)

Please join us on our home page each day. We hope the Christmas countdown panels prompt a little smile every 24 hours, as they do for us.


Unknown said...

I LOVE them. Thanks for keeping them coming! Merry Christmas!

Scott McGuire said...

You're welcome. We're glad you're enjoying them!

Linnae said...

Thank you for posting the countdown.