May 29, 2024

The Beagle Scouts star in Camp Snoopy, coming June 14, 2024 on Apple TV+

Stock up on your marshmallows and roasting sticks... the Beagle Scouts will be featured in Camp Snoopy, the latest Peanuts show from the subscription service Apple TV+.

Premiering June 14, 2024, Snoopy and his little bird friends, along with Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang, will have an "adventure-filled summer outdoors" in 13 episodes, each 21 minutes long.

Apple's description of the show:
After discovering their troop is in danger of disbanding, Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts set off to immerse themselves in nature and the Great Outdoors to earn their badges, with the Beagle Scout Manual as their guide. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown and friends enjoy their summer at Camp Spring Lake, crossing paths with Snoopy as they experience hiking, swimming, sitting around campfires and everything summer camp and the outdoors have to offer.

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Anonymous said...

The Apple TV+ page for Camp Snoopy says that this show has 13 21-minute episodes (not 10 9-minute episodes).

Scott McGuire said...

So it does. The advance information I was given was incorrect; I have updated the blog post. (So basically, it's the equivalent of another season of "The Snoopy Show" under another name.) Thanks!