June 23, 2021

FYI for email subscribers

Greeting, loyal readers! If you receive updates from the FiveCentsPlease blog by email, this is a heads-up to let you know that the blog is changing to a new email delivery service. No action is required on your part. You'll be moved automatically to the new service, and will continue to receive email updates as usual. The blog emails will look slightly different, and you'll notice that the name of the service at the bottom of the email has changed, but otherwise it should be business as usual; this is just an FYI.

Google, which owns Feedburner — the old service — will discontinue support for sending email blog updates, as of July.

The new service is called Feedblitz.

If you notice any problems or have any questions, let us know. But we've run some tests and expect everything to switch over smoothly.

If you keep up with the blog in some other way, then nothing at all is changing for you. (But if you'd like to subscribe to email updates, look for the little subscription form on the right-hand side of the blog's webpage.)

Thanks for continuing to read the FiveCentsPlease blog!

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