February 5, 2021

The Snoopy Show and Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown now streaming on AppleTV+

All six episodes of the new Peanuts animated series The Snoopy Show are now available to stream on the subscription service Apple TV+.  Each episode consists of three, seven-minute stories.  For more details, see our previous blog post.

The Snoopy Show has gotten a fair bit of press, here's a selection of the most interesting news articles:

‘Peanuts’ Steward Jean Schulz on Partnership With Apple TV Plus (Variety)

The Snoopy Show's Mark Evestaff Talks Bringing Peanuts to a New Generation (CBR.com)

Snoopy shines in Apple TV+ series that’s true to its roots (Associated Press)

'The Snoopy Show' on Apple TV+ pulses with the musical jazz of childhood (Mashable)

Apple has also added the classic 1975 half-hour special Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown to Apple TV+ ; it premiered on the service on February 5, 2021.

There is no over-the-air television broadcast of Be My Valentine in 2021, and there is no free viewing period like there was for the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials, it is only available to Apple TV+ subscribers.

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