November 24, 2018

A classic Peanuts Christmas countdown on for 2018

Christmas is coming, and so is's tradition of counting down to the Big Day with the Peanuts gang. Starting Friday, November 23 and continuing every day through December 25, our home page will feature a different, seasonally themed single panel.

(Sorry for the one-day delay in the announcement.... the early arrival of Thanksgiving this year caught us off guard!  The first panel appears in this blog post, in case you missed it.)

As in the past several years, we've chosen a classic countdown from the archives, since new ones are no longer being made. This holiday season we'll be featuring the panels from 2007 for your enjoyment.

We hope you'll visit our home page each day and enjoy revisiting these panels with us as the holiday approaches!


Dori said...

Bless your heart for continuing this yearly countdown. Just love it. It takes time on your part, so know that your Loving-Snoopy efforts are sincerely appreciated. This marks our 50th year of Snoopy Gifts as a family. Caring Snoopy hugs to you each for this Christmas season, Scott & Derrick!!

Scott McGuire said...

You're welcome and we hope you have a joyful Christmas too! --Scott & Derrick

Dori said...

Bless your hearts and thank you so much for continuing the Peanuts Countdown to Christmas this year. It was wonderful!! Wishing you many happy adventures and special blessings for you in 2019! <>