August 15, 2012

Peanuts comic book update: Peanuts Vol. 2 No. 1 and Peanuts Vol. 1 trade paperback now available

The Peanuts comic book from Boom Studios returns to comic book stores on Wednesday, August 15 with the first issue of another 4 issue run. Confusingly, the new issue is numbered as #1 again; but if you consult the small print inside, you'll see that it is "Volume 2, Number 1." It can also easily be identified by the cover featuring a beach scene with the Peanuts gang. The comic book features all-new content with three stories - "Sun Tan Hero," "Brush with Disaster," and "How to Draw Linus" - and a few classic Peanuts comic strips. For a preview of the issue, visit Comic Book Resources.

Like the previous batch of Peanuts comic books, these four issues will be available with variant covers featuring the first appearance of one of the Peanuts characters. Not all comic book stores will stock the variant covers, and they carry a premium price.

You can order both the regular and variant version of the comic directly from Boom Studio's website as well.

In addition to the new Vol. 2 #1 issue, the trade paperback collecting all four issues of the Peanuts comic books released earlier in 2012 is now available. Titled Peanuts Volume 1, it includes all the stories and classic Peanuts strips from Peanuts Vol. 1 #1-4 and the special preview issue Peanuts #0. For those who already have all those issues there isn't much new in the trade paperback - it features a new cover and reproductions of both the regular and variant covers of the Volume 1 issues (although they're only reproduced at quarter size). But if you didn't pick up the separate issues, the trade paperback is a nice package and somewhat cheaper option for getting these new Peanuts stories. The Peanuts Vol. 1 trade paperback shipped to comic book stores a few weeks ago, or can also be ordered from Amazon or other book retailers.

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