May 14, 2012

Schulz "Li'l Folks" art to be featured on Antiques Roadshow May 21

A piece of original "Li'l Folks" artwork by Charles Schulz will be one of the items appraised on the Monday, May 21st episode of the PBS television show Antiques Roadshow.  The episode title is "Minneapolis, Minnesota (Hour 3)."  Normally Antiques Roadshow airs at 8 PM (Eastern/Pacific), but different PBS stations have different schedules, so check your local listings to see exactly which time and day this episode will air.

"Li'l Folks" is the weekly comic strip that Charles Schulz drew before he started drawing Peanuts.

This is the third time Charles Schulz's work has appeared on Antiques Roadshow; episodes in 2006 and 2010 also featured evaluations of original Schulz art.

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