April 13, 2012

Vince Guaraldi at the Piano: new book about the jazz musician and Peanuts music composer

One of the key ingredients of the original Peanuts TV specials' success was their jazzy soundtrack music, written by Vince Guaraldi. Now fans can learn much more about the composer and his work - both Peanuts and non-Peanuts - from the new book-length career study Vince Guaraldi at the Piano, by Guaraldi historian and expert Derrick Bang. (Note that Derrick is the co-proprietor of FiveCentsPlease.org.)

Vince Guaraldi at the Piano gives Guaraldi the long-overdue recognition that he deserves. In its 390 pages, the book chronicles his years as a sideman; his attraction to the emerging bossa nova sound of the late 1950s; his collaboration with Brazilian guitarist Bola Sete; his development of the Grace Cathedral Jazz Mass; his selection as the composer for the Peanuts animated specials; and his emergence as a respected veteran in the Northern California jazz club scene of the 1970s. The book also includes an extensive discography and index.

We think all aficionados of the original Peanuts music sound and jazz music will appreciate this in-depth look at Vince Guaraldi. Vince Guaraldi at the Piano is available now from the publisher, McFarland & Company; visit their website to see the book's table of contents, read an excerpt, and to place an order. The book can also be ordered from Amazon, but their stocking of has been erratic; you may get quicker service by ordering it directly from McFarland.  A Kindle version of the book is also available at Amazon. You can also get a taste of Derrick's knowledge and research on Vince Guaraldi by visiting his Guaraldi pages at FiveCentsPlease.org.

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Doug A. said...

The book is fantastic, and long-overdue! Having devoured it cover to cover, I can confidently assert that it is a must-read for any Guaraldi fan, jazz aficionado, or Peanuts TV special lover. Having done a bit of archival research myself on Vince's music and career, I'm amazed at the breadth of material that Derrick has uncovered, teased out, compiled, and woven together into a single narrative. This is *the* definitive musical biography of Guaraldi, and we fans are in Mr. Bang's debt for sharing such a wealth of information and insight.